What’s VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)

Vendor managed inventory (VMI) is an agreement where WFS takes control of the inventory management decisions for your business and is fully responsible for it. This way, your business can focus on its main activities and leave WFS to handle the inventory. A customized VMI will guarantee that the products will be always available at the right time.

Why use Warren Fastenings VMI?

  • It’s cost effective as you will always be replenished with the right quantity, not overloading your inventory with products you don’t need and you will always pay on a consumption basis.
  • It guarantees the quality of your products, as evidenced with nearly 30 years of reliable VMI programs.
  • It saves time and labor to handle with inventory.
  • We have a dedicated team for your business always ready to help.
  • The inventory needs will be always priority for us! We always have on-site and off-site sufficient inventory to meet your demand.


Warren Fastenings offers custom kitting services to provide you with everything you need, the way you desire it.

We provide custom made kitting service,  to meet any customer specific packaging demand.