About Warren Fastenings South

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Warren Fastenings South is an industry leader in providing a wide variety of wholesale fasteners, industrial and safety supplies, and maintenance related products. As a full line stocking distributor our goal is to meet the diverse needs of our customers in the marketplaces we serve.

We have established a solid domestic and import supply base. We provide the highest quality fasteners from trusted factories that meet the most rigid industry requirements.

At WFS, we carry and stock a wide range of standard and special components in both inch and metric. With such diverse product line our company is able to meet the demands of any industry. We currently serve the needs of markets such as construction, OEM, MRO, marine, automotive, medical, and aerospace among others.

For almost 30 years, we have been working with our customers aiming to bring cost effective solutions and value-added services.

Our History

We opened our doors in 1994. Our company was founded by father (Maury Finkelstein) and son (Eric Finkelstein) as a result of the solid understanding and background in the fastening industry they had acquired through the years.

Maury and Eric Finkelstein have surrounded themselves with an outstanding team, dedicated to providing the best service, quality, integrity, and value that can be rendered. Their vision continues to live with our company today.

Our Culture and Values

We are a local business that understands the importance of the family value, what it means to invest in people and make each of our employees understand their worth and the significance of their contribution throughout our journey.

We also prioritize our customers and their needs. Therefore, investing in our inventory is key and being able to go above and beyond to provide our customers with what they need in a timely fashion reflects our main values.

And what keeps our company still standing and growing is definitely our belief that building relationships is what matters the most. It is part of our core. Even though we have the foundation of a small business our ambition allows us to continue on a growing path with the necessary tools to service not only locally but also nationwide.

Our company is a unique experience. Our service is tailor-made for you, for your company. No matter where you are, no matter how big you are. More than a distributor and supplier, we are looking forward to starting a long-lasting partnership that will go above and beyond your expectations.

Meet Our Executive Team

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Eric Finkelstein


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William Sanders

Vice President

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Harlan Joelson


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Andrea Finkelstein

Executive Director

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