Kitting and Packaging

Customized Solutions for Your Specific Needs


Our in-house Kitting is a multi-component inventory management practice offered by our company to increase assembly efficiency and reduce its complexity. It is a customized solution in which our team assembles kits with selected products required for a specific project. The items can be built in specific prints or custom designs.

This is a value-added service provided by our company in which our customer will only be handed the necessary items without any redundancies that do not fit the project requirements. It is an improved technique with guaranteed quality that provides efficient time and cost saving solutions for your company’s fastening needs.


Our in-house Packaging custom solutions consist of packing bags of the same product individually or in multiple quantities. Custom labeling for customer part numbers and descriptions is available. This is an improved streamlined capacity that our company makes available in different quantities to meet our customer needs and speed up production, maintain consistency and more efficiently suit operational demands.

Why Implement Kitting and Packaging Solutions?

Optimized Storage and Warehousing

Customized fastening solutions such as Kitting and Packaging provide only the necessary parts to the customer which significantly result in a faster and more efficient process. All required items are presented to have the project completed without much labor being involved or storage area being used to stock them

Business Profitability

  • Optimized storage and higher and more efficient production definitely result in lower costs and increased profit margins.
  • Kitting and Packaging practices help reduce packaging content errors and lost parts.

Inventory Management Improvement and Optimization

Kitting and Packaging streamline and label-formatting solutions ensure our company will always have the necessary parts to deliver the product. We will play a significant role in production since we will also be responsible for guaranteeing the products quality and accurate quantity.