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The Largest On-Hand Inventory in the Lowcountry

Below is an overview of the 60,000+ SKUs we have in stock. The Warren Fastenings South product catalog is also available for your ongoing reference.

All the right products. Every category. The best manufacturers. Fastening made simple.

Don't see the type of fastening product you need?  Ask us about custom parts and kits.  Our team can source them for you.

Unlocking Possibilities: Your One-Stop Fastening Solution

As the only Lowcountry full-line Stocking Fastener Distributor, our priority is supplying the products you need whenever you need them. We stock over 60,000 SKUs locally and benefit from our knowledge of the local market by utilizing modern technology resources for inventory management. We strive in keeping a highly performing inventory management and on-hand inventory for guaranteed supply. And our Vendor Management Team is specialized in ensuring the timely fulfillment of any required items our customers may need.


The WFS Experience

  • Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff
  • Data Driven VMI (Vendor Management Inventory)
  • High-Quality Delivery Experience
  • Effective Will-Call Customer Services
  • Optimized Inventory Management
  • Value Added Business Approach
  • Long-Lasting Relationship and Customer Experience Driven Core Values

Our Fastening Products

Fastening Products Available in Inch and Metric. Standards and Specials.  All Materials. All Grades.

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Having a fastening partner makes the selection and purchasing process faster, easier, and often less expensive.  If you're ready to start the conversation, let us know below and we'll be in touch soon.