Vendor Managed Inventory

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VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) is a service solution specifically designed to optimize our customer’s supply chain efficiency and inventory level monitoring. Considering the circumstances of the disruptive nature of supply chain dynamics, this cost-saving practice allows us as your supplier to take control of your inventory and effectively manage it at your facility.

Our VMI Specialists

Through our VMI Specialists as well as modern technology we will accurately monitor inventory levels and ensure optimal maintenance of stock levels and reorder points in order to meet all needs and requirements of your organization.

Inventory Management Made Simple

Our highly qualified Account Managers will not only ensure the right products are always available but also that no redundancies are stocked in our customer’s inventory. Our VMI is systematically designed to prioritize inventory control and enhance overall operational processing.

Vmi Info

Vendor Managed Inventory for a Better Bottom Line

Warren Fastenings South optimizes supply chain efficiency, monitors inventory levels, and ensures the right products are always available when you need them.

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If you are interested in VMI for your company, this is for you.

Bin Stocking Program

BSP Explained

Our Bin Stocking Programs take place when a WFS field representative visits our customer locations on a pre-determined regular schedule, accounts for inventory on-site, generates sales orders for items that need to be replenished, and re-stocks the needed items accordingly.

Our field representatives will ensure that mutually agreed upon stock levels are adhered to. They will also guarantee product availability and monitor the bin stocking system to verify it is working properly and efficiently.

Bin Stocking

Counter Sales

Beyond Product Sales... We Build Relationships

Our Counter Sales counts on a team of knowledgeable professionals who are ready to assist our customers beyond the sale of our products. They are able to provide you with product specifications, performance, reliability, sourcing and other additional information besides availability and pricing.

This Fastening Solution offers in-stock items ready for you to pick-up with the convenience of getting the support you need to ensure you are making a smart and cost-efficient choice with your purchase.

Our commitment as a company is to offer you outstanding service with the convenience of having our products available to you in no time.

And for any items that are not in-stock our Sales Team will customize a listing or source products to meet your specific needs.

Why Implement WFS VMI and BSP Services?

Customized Solution

Our fastening solutions are specifically designed for each customer. We will customize a solution to meet your organization’s specific needs and requirements with the purpose of maximizing supply chain performance, improving efficiency and increasing your cost savings.

Cost Savings

  • Planning and ordering costs will decrease because we will take full responsibility of our customer’s inventory.
  • Ensuring proper inventory quantity levels and maximizing availability will guarantee cost reductions.
  • Since this system involves more computer-based data entry, there will consequently be a reduction in errors, processing speed improvement, as well as time and labor savings when handling inventory.

Inventory Management Improvement and Optimization

  • Purchase Orders are now stabilized since they are now generated on a predefined basis.
  • Improved inventory control and overall supply chain operations.
  • Due to its active management process, we can work more closely with our partners on cost reduction projects and other initiatives that can help us invest in building a stronger and long-lasting relationship with our customers. 

Fastening Made Faster

Having a fastening partner makes the selection and purchasing process faster, easier, and often less expensive.  If you're ready to start the conversation, let us know below and we'll be in touch soon.